Currently, we carry out a considerable number of projects both in the public and private sector (companies). Topics are wide spread (ranging from straight forward to highly complex). Execution varies as well (implementation, consultancy, design).

(Semi) -government (Netherlands):

  • Setting up a website with Forum, Twitter interaction, video and ability to load data from the website; Technology: Drupal, PHP, jQuery, Web Guidelines, National Identity.
  • Setting up a web GIS map module (including security, search and customization options); Technology: ASP .NET, SQL, C #, OpenLayers.
  • Setting up a Data Management Portal; Technology: JQuery, ASP. .NET, Javascript, MySQL.
  • Modifications to a data module; Technology: MS Excel, VBA, Plug-ins.

Water related organisations:

  • Project management, data analysis and use of GIS systems; Technology: ArcGIS.
  • Project implementation and modeling; Technology: ArcGIS.

International organisations:

  • Software to transfer video and structured data together; Technology: Java Enterprise Development, Oracle, CVS.
  • IT Architecture; Technology: Infrastructure Design, Cloud Solutions, SCRUM, High Level Architecture (HLA).
  • System Management Portals; Technology: SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013.


  • Design and development web ordering system and webservices; Technology: ASP .NET, SQL, C#, OpenLayers.
  • Data import module; Technology: C #, MY SQL, MS-Excel.
  • Quality control data; Technology: MS Access, MapInfo Professional.
  • Consultancy in the field of ICT procurement and network deployments; Technology: MS Windows, MS-Exchange, CISCO firewalls, switches.
  • Develop a business website; Technology: MY SQL, Drupal.

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