About us

What does IT4Hire?

IT4Hire is an IT project office and acts as an intermediary for IT professionals. IT4Hire is not an employment agency, and we do not focus on providing permanent jobs with fees that can be as high as three months salary(!) Instead, we mainly focus on self-employed professionals (contractors), as IT workers are not employed by IT4Hire. We have a low "overhead" and we always offer a competitive rate and a fair remuneration. This has advantages for both the Company (flexibility) and for the IT Contractors (flexibility and a good fee).

What does this mean for IT contractors?

Looking for a project in our region? The overview presents projects that are available in the Randstad and beyond. Companies (organisations) will not contact you directly; you will only be contacted by us after an extensive screening. You can register and upload your profile directly to our system, after which companies may select your profile. Be assured that we will maintain strict confidentiality. Personal information will not be released to third parties.

What does this mean for companies and other organisations?

Experienced IT professionals with a wealth of technical expertise are available in the overview of candidates. The presence of the TU Delft in the area guarantees a pool of professionals with an excellent knowledge level. You will find profiles of experienced programmers, architects, system administrators, database experts, analysts and consultants. Look in the overview of profiles, find a suitable candidate and then contact us with the reference number. We will check the availability of the candidate and organise a meeting. IT4Hire BV is part of the iDelft Holding group: Within this group, there are also staff members available who can execute projects at the office in Delft or elsewhere.

More information?
If you want to know about us or if you have a question, please contact us.